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 1. Make sure to come WITHOUT makeup. 

2. Do not have caffeine prior to your appointment, it will cause your eyes to quiver and twitch.

3. The Lash Application is approximately 1-3hrs long, depending on the specific look you desire.

4. You need to be able to lay on your back for an extended period of time.

 5. If you wear contact lenses bring your glasses. You will not be able to wear contacts during application. 


​ 7. For safety reasons, the maximum occupancy of each spa room, with the exception of the companion room, is two people.


8. Turn cell phone ringer off.

9. As soon as your lash artist starts the lash application, keep talking to a minimum. Whenever someone talks their eyes move which makes it very difficult to get a good lash connection.

10. Complete client consent form. 

11. Deposit is required to secure appointment. Deposit is due 24 to 48 hours before scheduled appointment. If deposit is not paid appointment will be cancelled automatically.

Lash and facial deposit

This deposit is to confirm your appointment. It is non-refundable, it is applied to your service. Cancelling or Re-Scheduling requires: 24hrs. Paying this deposit confirms you understand our cancellation and rescheduling policy of 24hrs.

Price: $25.00

Our time is very valuable and our schedules are FIRM. Please give 48 hours notice for rescheduling or cancellations to avoid a 50% no-show fee.

Please keep in mind that if there are less than 40% extensions left or if client is coming from another artist, it may be considered a full set or extended fill.

Please schedule your appointment appropriately. If you have waited over 3 weeks or are low on lashes, please use your best judgement and schedule for an extended fill or full set. 

How we decide the length and thickness for your lashes.

We measure the length and diameter of your natural lash. We can add up to 2-3mm in length and up to the same thickness of your natural lash. Not MORE!



If your Natural Lash is over weighed by too heavy or too long of an extension it will cause damage to your natural lash. We are a safe lash studio.

Follow after care instructions.

We cannot be held responsible for the longevity of your lashes after 1 week of your appointment. If you have abnormal fall out of your lashes, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately so we can work with you and your home care regimen to resolve any issues right away. See video for cleansing instruction.

Do you work out? Sweat? 

It is very important that you cleanse your lashes immediately after any workout with saline solution to rinse off any oils that have produced by sweating. Oil dissolves out adhesive!



If you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester we will require a release from you licensed medical provider prior to any appointment.


Your parent or legal guardian must be present and sign our consent form prior to application.

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